Escape Room!
The Game

Escape the Classroom! The Game



Escape the classroom! Create a real escape room in your classroom with the help of Face 2 Face’s gamemaster.

Have you heard of The Game? Of course you have, it’s the most popular reality show on TV! For our entertainment, the lucky contestants who are chosen struggle to solve puzzles and riddles that will leave their heads smoking! Working together, they must make sure their team escapes, OR ELSE…

The Face 2 Face Escape Room is an exciting English activity for secondary school students of all ages. Adaptable to different levels of ability, the escape room is gamification in the classroom which tests the students’ skills, from reading comprehension to mathematics, logic and creative thinking. Most importantly, they must work together, making it a great team-building experience! They are immersed into a fun scenario in which they have to escape the room, racing against the clock, with the help and encouragement of a Game Master to guide them. This is an entertaining opportunity to build confidence and test all the skills they are learning in school, while practising their English!


From September 2022.

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Teacher’s Packs:
To prepare teachers for the show we provide a didactic dossier prepared by a group of philologists specialised in the English language, which contains exercises, games, vocabulary, reading comprehension and audio with phonetic exercises, extracts and songs from the work.

This material can be downloaded from our User’s Area quickly and easily with a code that we assign to each client. The main interest in the elaboration of the didactic dossier is that the students prepare it in the classroom before and after the theatrical performance in order to get the most out of the activity.


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Real feedback


“The whole team would like to congratulate you for the good organisation and, above all, for the great work done by the actors. The children really enjoyed their show and took away very good memories of it. The best thing is that all of them, even though they were so young, understood perfectly the thread of the story.”

Anabel Céspedes
(CEIP Clara Campoamor)


“The actors were great! They treated the children very respectfully and had fun with them, the comments from the students are very good about the play. The actors were punctual, friendly and professional. The teaching materials have been appropriate. The school is very happy with the experience, thank you very much!”

David Amo
(IES Carrús)


“Don’t change! We enjoyed it a lot. Great acting, the best actors, a well-designed story with a fun way of turning classic texts into modern stories. The teaching material couldn’t have been better, full of information, different exercises and an attractive presentation.”

María Elena Flórez Méndez
(IES Ordoño II)

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