Roald Dahl Dictionary


Ya que hemos elegido el tema de Summer Camp 2017, vamos compartiendo toda la información que hay sobre el escritor británico y su mundo de cuentos fantásticos.

Son tan famosos los libros de Roald Dahl ¡que han tenido que hacer un nuevo diccionario para sus palabras inventadas! Aquí hay 10 palabras ‘scrumdiddlyumptious’ para empezar…

Roald Dahl has become so famous that even his invented words have made it into their very own Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionay! Here are 10 scrumdiddlyumptious words from A – D to get you started!


1. Argy (verb): If giants or human beans or cattlerpiddlers are argying, they are having an argument.

One of the biggest chatbags is the cattlepiddlers … They is argying all the time about who is going to be the prettiest butterfly.” –The BFG


2. Biffsquiggled (adjective): If you feel biffsquiggled, you are confused or puzzled.

“’You must not be giving up so easy,’ the BFG said calmly. ‘The first titchy bobsticle you meet and you begin shouting you is biffsquiggled.’” –The BFG


3. Bibble (verb): When something bibbles, it makes a soft gurgling sound.

“All around them lay the vast black ocean, deep and hungry. Little waves were bibbling against the side of the peach.” –James and the Giant Peach


4. Bish (verb): If you bish something, you ruin it.

“’This is it!’ he whispered to himself under his breath. ‘The greatest moment of my life is coming up now! I mustn’t bish it. I mustn’t bosh it! I must keep very calm.’” -Esio Trot



5. Bundongle (noun): A bundongle is something that contains only air.

“I thought all human beans is full of brains, but your head is emptier than a bundongle.” –The BFG


6. Catasterous (adjective): A catasterous situation is very bad indeed, and a catasterous disastrophe is the worst of all.

“’Catasterous!’ cried the BFG. ‘Upgoing bubbles is a catasterous disastrophe!’” –The BFG


7. Churgle (verb): When you churgle, you gurgle with laughter.

“The fact that it was none other than Boggis’s chickens they were going to eat made them churgle with laughter every time they thought of it.” –Fantastic Mr. Fox


To Churgle


8. Crodsquinkled (adjective): If a giant is crodsquinkled, he is in a hopeless situation.

“’I is slopgroggled!’ squakwed the Gizzardgulper. ‘I is crodsquinkled!’ yowled the Bloodletter.” –The BFG


9. Daddle (verb): If you daddle, you run very fast.

“So start to run! Oh, skid and daddle / Through the slubber slush and sossel! / Skip jump hop and try to skaddle! / All the grobes are on the roam!” –Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator


10. Darksome (adjective): Dark and murky.

“’This one is a nasty fierce bogrotting nightmare … I would be hating to get this one inside me on a darksome night.’ the BFG said.” –The BFG


Excerpt taken from Katherine Brooks and the Huffington Post and the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary.