treasure island teatro online educativo

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.

We pillage plunder, we rifle and loot.

Stand up me hearties, yo ho.

We kidnap and ravage and don’t give a hoot.

Stand up me hearties, yo ho.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.

We confess, at Face 2 Face Theatre Company we all wanted to be pirates when we were kids. And although when we grew up we decided to develop this solid and ambitious pedagogical project of teaching English through theatre, we never gave up on our dream of sailing the seas and discovering hidden treasures. Hence, Treasure Island, by R.L. Stevenson, has always been a classic in our repertoire and it definitely had to be included in Let’s DO IT! (Digital Online Interactive Theatre), our digital platform for online theatre.

Treasure Island,  the wackiest version of the classic of young people’s literature

Our particular version of Treasure Island pits two famous pirates, Mad Sea Dog and Long John Silver, against each other. Both have a plan: cross the Atlantic Ocean, attack the enemy ship where the treasure map is to be found, steal the map and get the desired treasure. Everything goes according to plan until… They fight over the map, it breaks in half and Mad Sea Dog escapes with his half… Aghrrrrrr!!!! Now what?

Now… Long John Silver will have to chase Mad Sea Dog, thus beginning our particular version of Treasure Island, full of crazy scenes, fun and catchy songs, lots of humor and great vibes. Above all, there are a lot of good vibes in our own treasure hunt, so that teachers and students continue to enjoy the experience of theatre in English that we offer at Face 2 Face Theatre Company, one of the activities that best complements the teaching of English.

In 4 scenes for 4 sessions or lesson plans

Like all the plays that make up the Let’s DO IT line-up, Treasure Island is divided into four live-recorded scenes that structure the videos and interactive games linked to the play into four lesson plans. All the online material is designed so that each session lasts the duration of an English class, including a multitude of interactive activities before and after the viewing of the corresponding scene of Treasure Island, as well as a Teacher’s Pack so that teachers can adapt the itineraries and didactic resources included in the play in a very simple way, adding practices adapted to the age and level of English of the students.

Students will have to sail, like real pirates, to reach safe harbour. In some cases they will have to control the helm and, in others, they will have to sharpen their aim with the cannons, but in all the activities they will have to combine their strategy as players with their knowledge of English if, as good pirates, they wish to increase their legend, advance in the clues of the treasure map that this interactive theatre experience will present them, until they finally find the treasure.

A fantasy interface recreating the world of pirates

The interface of Treasure Island is another graphic adventure in line with the rest of the shows contained in Face 2 Face Theatre Company’s Let’s DO IT platform. Its atmosphere and tone immerses us from minute one in the fantasy of any good pirate adventure.

Our digital show has maps, hit and miss elements to advance our progress or restart to demonstrate our skill and reward systems for each of the proposed English activities, which turns the online theatre experience into a memorable pirate story. The objective is to progress through the treasure hunt in stages –vocabulary, grammatical structures, pronunciation,…- until we reach the treasure. Along the way, we will get rewards, small treasures, more clues, practicing English as if it were a game.

The proposed aesthetics or graphic design symbolises this particular journey through the oceans and treasure islands, encouraging our curiosity and imagination so that students are not limited to practicing English, quickly solving the activities to move on to the next track, but let themselves be swept away by the adventure and have a really good time.

Let’s DO IT Treasure Island, available through the Let’s DO IT digital platform.

Let’s DO IT is a new and stimulating interactive online experience with which Face 2 Face Theatre Company brings live recorded theatre directly to the classroom. Let’s DO IT makes up for the impossibility of live performances by offering our 2020/21 School Campaign in online mode, so that students can continue to enjoy our best and most famous productions at school or at home. All presented in a comfortable and attractive way, adapted to the students’ needs, enhancing all the pedagogical possibilities of learning English through theatre.

Treasure Island is one of four plays available in digital format, whose collection includes The Frog Prince, Death by Haircut and Shakespeare in Chicago. Find out more about our tailor-made packages for schools, the possibility of holding talkbacks with the actors of each play or offers available in 2021 by clicking here..