Efectos positivos lets do it curriculum escolar

With a clear educational base, Let’s DO IT responds to the curricular objectives for teaching Foreign Languages in Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and High School. Today we focus on the positive aspects of Let’s DO IT as it  complies with the school curriculum.

Educational theatre in English has long been a formidable pedagogical tool and Let’s DO IT is a new way of connecting students with theatre and the practice of English through digital technology designed with a clear educational purpose in mind. It includes online theatre but is much more than pure artistic expression and representation. It adds games and interactive activities but not just as a simple strategy for enlivening the activity or pure entertainment.

Let’s DO IT takes advantage of all the digital resources currently available to put an end to the passivity that students sometimes show in front of the textbook and adds complementary activities specifically prepared and designed to take advantage of all the didactic potential of ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

The educational purpose of Let’s DO IT

Su finalidad docente está definida y formulada claramente, teniendo en cuenta las competencias lingüísticas, digitales, sociales y cívicas a desarrollar dentro de los objetivos curriculares de Educación Infantil, Primaria, Secundaria y Bachillerato, innovando y facilitando la labor docente, al tiempo que se favorece la motivación y el interés de los alumnos, contribuyendo así a la fijación y el refuerzo de los aprendizajes (comprensión oral y escrita, expresión oral y escrita e interacción).

Its teaching purpose is clearly defined and formulated, taking into account the linguistic, digital, social and civic capacities to be developed within the curricular objectives of Pre-school, Primary, Secondary and High School, innovating and facilitating the teaching, while favouring the motivation and interest of students, thus contributing to the reinforcement of language acquisition (oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression and interaction).

Let’s DO IT is thus a cultural activity in its own right within the English classroom and offers a variety of linguistic and cultural support material with clear positive effects on the achievement of many of the key basic skills to be promoted within the foreign language acquisition area (linguistic, digital, social, civic and artistic).

The online play is the basis on which the related activities are developed both before and after its visualisation. And as a whole all the material allows students to develop all the skills needed in a great English class with very positive and beneficial effects for them both at a general and specific level.

Overall positive effects of Let’s DO IT

  1. Promotes theatre as a source of education and entertainment.
  2.  Integrates theatre as an important educational tool in the different levels and ages of the students.
  3. Increases students’ linguistic ability in English communication, mainly oral and written expression.
  4. Develops self sufficiency in learning.
  5. It facilitates content management and enhances digital competence through the use of ICTs and a multitude of interactive resources.
  6. Promotes teamwork among students through positive reinforcement stimuli that consolidate habits of good behaviour, effective learning and personal development.
  7. Increases student participation, increasing their protagonism and interest.

Specific positive effects of Let’s DO IT

Regarding the online play:

  1. It facilitates the immersion in and comprehension of English within the concrete contexts and situations of the plays performed.
  2. Accentual, rhythmic and intonation sound patterns are recognised and practiced, including recognition of communicative meanings and intentions.
  3. It explores the sociocultural and sociolinguistic aspects of English (social conventions, politeness rules,…), including non-verbal language.

Regarding complementary interactive activities:

  1. By using video game techniques, students are “hooked”, achieving very high levels of motivation and concentration.
  2. The strategies, dynamics and models used by reproducing an entertaining environment increase the impact of learning, substantially improving written English comprehension and the ability to organize, acquire, remember and use new vocabulary.
  3. Constant stimuli are provided to solve problems, learn about the context, overcome obstacles and learn from mistakes.
  4. The use of textual and non-textual elements, through digital visual elements, facilitates the inference of meaning by context, contributing to reading comprehension.

Flexible and open methodology

All Let’s DO IT shows are adapted to the different educational stages, ages and levels of English of the students, in order to activate their motivation and participation, always under the direction of the teacher, who is responsible for guiding the class in their learning.

Let’s DO IT is also an interdisciplinary tool that can be integrated into other subjects in addition to English, making each play a more enriching and knowledge-integrating experience.

Finally, Let’s DO IT is a pleasant stimulus for positive reinforcement in the classroom with guaranteed success, thanks to the timing of each play. Initially designed as 4 sessions or lesson plans, the succession of scenes allows us to measure the students’ progression in terms of knowledge acquired, degree of participation and involvement, becoming an original way to even evaluate behavioural aspects of the children, surely restless, but eager to participate, apply themselves and learn with Let’s DO IT.

More and more schools and teachers are using Let’s DO IT as a teaching tool. Fundamentally because students learn with confidence, having fun and feeling free to try, make mistakes and try again. But teachers, what about you? Haven’t you used Let’s DO IT in your classroom yet? Give it a try!