Captura de pantalla 2018-06-04 a la(s) 22.46.01La semana pasada tuvimos un encuentro con Ad Broughton y ‘The Broughton English Show’ para charlar sobre nuestro trabajo y el aprendizaje del inglés a través del teatro.  ¡Aquí les dejamos el Podcast!

Last week we met Ad Broughton on ‘The Broughton English Show’ to chat about our work and about learning English through theatre. Here is the Podcast!



_MG_3441“Look, listen, laugh and learn!”

Welcome to episode #017 of The Broughton English Show!

My guest today is Beth Cohen, a British-born actress who works for Face 2 Face Theatre in Madrid. Face 2 Face Theatre is an educational theatre company made up of actors and education professionals. They organise shows in top theatres around Spain, and produce plays designed for school students.

They also run a variety of projects like workshops, summer camps and courses for teachers.

All their shows are performed 100% in English by native English-speaking actors.


Show Notes

  • Beth talks about acting and how she ended up in Spain.
  • Beth explains what it is that Face 2 Face Theatre specialises in. Story telling and workshops for schools and mainstream theatre in some of Spain’s biggest and best theatres.
  • In their shows, Face 2 Face uses a lot of humour so the audience can enjoy and understand what they see, no matter what their level is.
  • We talk about how watching theatre productions in English can massively improve learning motivation.
  • Beth goes over the shows they’re producing at the moment, including the Dickens classic ‘A Chrismas Carol’, one of their most popular productions and a Chrismas classic in Madrid.
  • Beth gives some tips on how to tell a story. What is the secret of good story telling?
  • Beth gives some great advice to English learners on how to learn, study and practise on your own, and how to use theatre to improve in English.
  • Beth explains how children connect with theatre and learn to love learning English by using the language in a creative way.
  • Beth confidently tackles the lightning round!


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