An enchanted castle, bloodthirsty vampires, open tombs and an immortal love story are some of the elements present in this family show by Face 2 Face, which, with its usual humour,  recreates one of the great horror classics.

Inspired by Bram Stoker’s masterpiece, this version will delight children, teenagers and parents alike. Face 2 Face explores the magical and fun world of fantastic terror with its customary gestural and direct language. A frighteningly funny show spiced up with large doses of rock and roll. 

Count Dracula, a retired rock star, leads a lonely existence in his haunted castle in Pennsylvania, accompanied only by his faithful and eccentric drummer, Rumsfeld. Both miss the rock and roll life, being in a band and the acclamation of their fans.

The Count especially misses his beloved wife and singer Elisabetta, who was murdered by the famous vampire hunter Eddie Van Helsing. But this sad situation changes radically when Lucy and Mina, two young singers full of energy and talent, approach the castle on their way to Broadway.

“Drockula” is aimed at an English-speaking family audience, and at the same time at people who have a minimum knowledge of English. The play is entirely in English, forcing the audience to “think” in English and use the knowledge they have. On the other hand, the actors’ body language, mimicry and gestures facilitate the understanding of the play.

Influenciados por un lado, por el humor visual de Mr. Bean, Monty Python, y Buster Keaton y por otro, por el teatro gestual de Peter Brook y Theatre de la Complicité, pensamos que en esta obra universal hay algo para todos los públicos, niños y mayores, anglo-hablantes y “spanglishparlantes”, que quieran vivir una hora de risas, sustos, y auténtico espíritu de Halloween.

Influenced on the one hand by the visual humour of Mr Bean, Monty Python, and Buster Keaton, and on the other by the gestural theatre of Peter Brook and Theatre de la Complicité,  the universal story of love in this play has something for everyone, children and adults, English and Spanglish speakers, who want to experience an hour of laughter, scares, and authentic Halloween spirit.


Stephane Shaw y Paolo Abbate

Actores y actrices:
Paolo Abbate, Lauren Newman, Stephane Shaw, Lisa Krosnicki y Carlos Gonzalvo

Duración: 70 minutos

Face2Face Theatre S.L.
DIRECCIÓN: Paolo Abbate
GUIÓN: Face 2 Face
MÚSICA: compuesta por Face 2 Face Theatre Co
ATREZO: Mert Clavero
REGIDORA: Mert Clavero
TITERES: Arte en Off
DISTRIBUCIÓN: Marivi MartínKaren del Río, Lorchu Spinassi


Only available in Madrid from October 2023.
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Teacher’s Packs:
To prepare teachers for the show we provide a didactic dossier prepared by a group of philologists specialised in the English language, which contains exercises, games, vocabulary, reading comprehension and audio with phonetic exercises, extracts and songs from the work.

This material can be downloaded from our User’s Area quickly and easily with a code that we assign to each client. The main interest in the elaboration of the didactic dossier is that the students prepare it in the classroom before and after the theatrical performance in order to get the most out of the activity.


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Real feedback


“The whole team would like to congratulate you for the good organisation and, above all, for the great work done by the actors. The children really enjoyed their show and took away very good memories of it. The best thing is that all of them, even though they were so young, understood perfectly the thread of the story.”

Anabel Céspedes
(CEIP Clara Campoamor)


“The actors were great! They treated the children very respectfully and had fun with them, the comments from the students are very good about the play. The actors were punctual, friendly and professional. The teaching materials have been appropriate. The school is very happy with the experience, thank you very much!”

David Amo
(IES Carrús)


“Don’t change! We enjoyed it a lot. Great acting, the best actors, a well-designed story with a fun way of turning classic texts into modern stories. The teaching material couldn’t have been better, full of information, different exercises and an attractive presentation.”

María Elena Flórez Méndez
(IES Ordoño II)

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