¡The best summer camp in English!
Face 2 Face Summer Camp

In our summer camp we create a healthy environment for your children and we encourgae them to feel inspired by theatre.

We have an excellent team of native monitors and actors who will motivate the participants and share various acting techniques with them.

Our young actors will practice their English while also developing values such as solidarity, respect, creativity and communication… all in a place that breathes art… the Casa de Lector in the Madrid Matadero!

We love greeting the kids the first day of camp and seeing them on the last day… how they change and adapt to the language! It’s amazing!

Aimed at children aged from 5 to 16

From the 26th Jun to 28th Jul, and 28th aug to 1st sept 2023

In the Casa del Lector (Matadero Madrid)

From 9h. a 14h. or 9h. a 16h. (with lunch)

Level of English: from 0 to bilingual.

Summer Camp Project

Meet Lisa Krosnicki, Director of the Face 2 Face Summer Camp.

I sometimes cry after seeing what the kids are capable of after only 5 days.”

In this interview you can get to know her a bit better and, above all, find out why an English Theatre Summer Camp can be so benificial for your children. 

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A typical day in our Summer Camp:

Where does it take place?

Our  Summer Camp takes place in the fantastic facilities of the Casa del Lector in Matadero Madrid. An ideal space with everything necessary to carry out all the activities, workshops and performances.

Instalaciones Summer Camp Madrid

Benefits of the activity:

There are several benefits to be had from this activity since the children can develop their artistic potential by expressing themselves in different ways through stage play.

They improve their self-esteem encouraging them to be more confident with themselves and with their environment.

They learn English or use the knowledge they already have by incorporating language through senses and physical actions.

Promotion of solidarity in the children who participate in the activity, working towards a common goal.

They participate in interpersonal relationships that arise through contact with others through play

We connect the children with the world of art in a fun and entertaining way, encouraging in them to have a more global and humanistic vision of the world around us.

Nuestras valoraciones
Los peques y los mayores opinan…


“We originally signed up our kids for just two weeks but they get up with so much desire, joy and enthusiasm that it’s impossible to look for other alternatives! Lisa and her team always manage it!! Congratulations!!”

Beatriz Gutiérrez
(Alejandra y Eduardo’S Mum)


“I recommend it because I get to practice my English and Lisa tries to get the best out of me. I like the food and the monitors.”

Eduardo Colina
(9 years old)


“I don’t think there’s another camp in Madrid with such a fun atmosphere as this one. All the kids have their moment of glory. Face 2 Face rocks!!”

Eva Estebas Vilaplana
(Lola’s Mum)

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