English Summer Camp in Madrid Matadero!
Have fun creating a theatre show in English!

With over a decade’s experience in the field our theatre company specializing in V.O. (original version) launches its Summer Camp of Musical Theatre in English every June and July. The camp is carried out entirely in English using theatrical techniques in order for the children to develop their creative experiences and unique talents through theatre games: acting, singing, dancing as well as preparing scripts and dialogues, designing props, scenery and costumes. 
The Camp will take place in the Casa del Lector in Madird Matadero, observing all the COVID-19 safety measures.


Our latest edition…

Dates and prices…

We divide the camp into separate weeks offering the opportunity to sign up for 1 to 5 weeks per child. We also offer the possibilty of lunch for the children.

precios summer camp 2023
niñas disfrutando del campamento de verano en inglés en el teatro

Have you seen our past editions?

face 2 face cuenta con gran experiencia en campamentos de verano


Run by Face 2 Face Theatre Company, a theatre company with many years of experience working with young people and children.

el campamento de verano fomenta la educación de los niños a través del teatro


Fostering solidarity in children who participate in the activity, working towards a common goal.

aprende inglés en el campamento de verano de teatro


They use the knowledge they already have of the language and incorporate it through senses and physical actions.

gracias al teatro interactivo los niños conectan con el mundo del arte


The children connect with the world of art in a fun and entertaining way  with the help of native actors.

Kids and adults tell us what they think…


“We originally signed up our kids for just two weeks but they get up with so much desire, joy and enthusiasm that it’s impossible to look for other alternatives! Lisa and her team always manage it!! Congratulations!!”

Beatriz Gutiérrez
(Alejandra y Eduardo’s Mum)


“I recommend it because I get to practice my English and Lisa tries to get the best out of me. I like the food and the monitors”

Eduardo Colina
(9 years old)


“I don’t think there’s another camp in Madrid with such a fun atmosphere as this one. All the kids have their moment of glory. Face 2 Face rocks!!”

Eva Estebas Vilaplana
(Lola’s Mum)

Meet our team

Great professionals and wonderful people!

equipo actores face 2 face temporada 2019/20

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