Season 2023-24

What would you like to watch?

Interactive theatre 100% in English
With native actors

We have a very carefully selected catalogue of plays which we update every season to cover the necesities of all educational levels (nursery, primary, secondary, sixth form, universities and Oficial Language Schools).

All our shows are performed by native actors. The key to Face 2 Face’s success is the interaction between the actors and the public. From the very first moment the students are encouraged to use their knowledge of English to help the development of the shows. Members of the audience are invited on-stage, where they improvise some of the play’s roles with the actors. Laughter helps students relax and loosen up, allowing them to draw upon linguistic resources that they might not use in a more formal environment, such as a classroom. The plays are performed completely in English, making participants “think” in that language and use the knowledge they possess. On the other hand, body language, mimickery, and the actors’ gestures facilitate comprehension.


How can I program the activity?

You choose how, when and where…

If you want to watch one of our shows you have two options. We’ll explain each option and make it as easy as possible. We really want to you to come and see us!

obras de teatro en inglés en tu colegio

Do you want us to come to your school?

We can perform our shows in your school or nearby theatre or cultural centre. Tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to oblige. We can adapt to most spaces.

obras de teatro en inglés en teatros de todo el país

Do you want to come and see us at the theatre?

If you prefer you can bring a group of students to one of the many venues we have in the biggest cities and towns throughout Spain.

Our opinions
Kids and adults tell us what they think…


“On behalf of the whole school, teachers and students alike, we would like to thank you for the wonderful time we had with the actors. The show was great, suitable for the level and very professional. We will defintely be booking you again in the future.”

Inés Sánchez Almagro
(Colegio Guadalquivir)


“We were delighted with the show! What fantastic work and what great success in performing to such a diverse audience. We all had a great time!”

Mayte Pacheco
(Jorge Guillén Ellacuría)


“Never change! We really enjoyed it. A great performance, great actors, a well structured story and a fun way to turn old classics into modern stories. The material couldn’t have been better, complete information, different exercises and an attractive presentation”

María Elena Flórez Méndez
(IES Ordoño II)

face 2 face tiene más de 20 años de experiencia en obras de teatro en inglés


Over 20 years making audiences laugh with our shows and activities in English throughout Spain.  

nuestras obras de teatro cuentan material didáctico en inglés


All our shows come with didactic material adapted to each educational level.

cuenta con la orientación personal sobre las obras de teatro de face 2 face


We resolve all your doubts and help you find the best activity for your group of students

¡a todos los colegios les encantan nuestras obras de teatro en inglés!


More than 1000 positive reviews. Our audiences vouch for us by rebooking year after year.

en nuestras obras de teatro solo hay actores nativos que hablan inglés


A team of theatre and education professionals from the United States and the United Kingdom.

nuestras obras de teatro son para todas las edades


Catalogue of shows and activities for English students of all ages (from nursery to University)


todas nuestras obras de teatro son interactivas y en inglés


All our activities are interactive in order to foment the development of language skills.

estrenamos catálogo de obras de teatro en inglés todos los años


We produce a new catalogue each season! Find out all about our new shows.

Meet our team

Great professionals and wonderful people!

equipo actores face 2 face temporada 2019/20

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