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Novelties 20/21 season Schools Campaign 

How we’re planning going back to school

Let the curtain come up! At Face 2 Face we’ve turned on the lights, very  excited about our 2020/21 season. Since the health authorites ordered the closure of schools in March, and without realizing the  significance of what was happening, we joined the chorus “Everything’s going to be alright” and the challenge of doing everything in our power to be reunited with our audiences. And this season our main aim is to provide safe and quality theatre in English

Face 2 Face Theatre Company produces theatre shows in English for schools and as such we are following all instructions concerning the 2020/21 school year and offering a range of options depending on how the pandemic develops so as not to deprive students of such a valuable and necessary learning tool.

We offer two options:

1. Live theatre shows

Our plays have always been characterized by the participation of students on stage where they perform different roles in the development of the story. Depending on the circumstances (severity of the pandemic, characteristics of the theatre, rules and limitations of the school) this may not always be possible or advisable. For that reason, apart from offering our shows in the same format as always, we are also offering a version of our shows without the direct participation of the students on stage.  In order to maintain interaction with the students there will be more moments of group participation, songs (to get up, have a shake and a boogie!) and a talkback at the end of the show where the students can meet the actors and ask questions, always respecting all safety measures!

medidas seguridad colegios - COVID19medidas seguridad colegios - COVID19
  • No payment until the day of the show (if the show is cancelled due to the pandemic you won’t be charged).
  • Facilities and  weather permitting the shows will take place in the open air. 
  • Minimum interpersonal distance of 2 metres  between the actors and the audience.  
  • Mandatory use of face masks  in the theatre (from 6 years and up).
  • Availibility of a version of the shows without the participation of the students on stage
  • Strict control of symptoms  for all actors and employees of Face 2 Face.

2. Digital Shows

In exceptional situations where teaching takes place on line or where the COVID- 19 Commission of the school decides to suspend extra-curricular activities at Face 2 Face we have developed a DIGITAL version of all our shows!

The big news in our 2020/21 Schools Campaign is the launch of our new product  DO IT! (Digital Online Interactive Theatre). As well as being able to enjoy Face 2 Face’s renowned theatre programming for nursery, primary, secondary, college and language school students in an audiovisual format, you will have the opportuntuy to do so within an exclusive, dynamic and interactive online teaching environment. With the new DO IT! product you will be able reproduce the dynamics of the classroom, be it individually or in a group, and interact with your students either in the classroom or at home.

Whatever happens we want to be there for you.

clases telemáticas colegios - COVID19clases telemáticas colegios - COVID19
  • Reduce costs with our online version.
  • Take advantage of technology and  enjoys our shows in an online format.
  • Extra teaching materials  teachers and students. 
  • Interactive videos, didactic games and activities custom designed for different ages and levels.