Anita Goodman sings

Ya falta poco para el estreno de ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ en el teatro Fígaro, ¡y aquí adelantamos algunas de las canciones de la obra!  Bienvenidos al Pink Flamingo, un club de jazz en la Nueva York de los años 1940, donde la cantante Anita Goodman deleita a su público, incluyendo al ilustre científico Dr. Jekyll… ¿O quizás es el señor Hyde?  Con la letra y la música, ya no hay excusa… ¡Id calentando la voz y venid al teatro listos para participar a pleno pulmón!


What I Want

What I want
Is a real man

What I need
Is a man like you

Who are you?

I don’t want to meet a liar

Be careful with what you say

We can start to play

You’ll be my lover
I’ll make you shudder
Come on and dance
This is your last chance
If you are:
No wrong
If you are hot!
Like a shot!
Maybe you’ll be my man!

What I want
Is a real man
What I need
Is a man like you!


Who’s That Man / I’m Your Man

There’s a man

There is a curious man

Who is this man?

And what is he looking for?

What are his fears?

What lies behind those tears?

The difference between good or bad

Will drive him mad…

(enter Mr. Hyde)

I walked in the club about quarter to five

The band started playing

And the place came alive

I picked up my sax, I played a hot tune

The girls started screaming and I lit up the room.

I’m your man, this man women can love, yeah

I’m your man, strong, hot, charming

And cool, cool, cool, cool.

Jekyll foto 5


Mr. Hyde

At first I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking I’d never have the doctor here by my side

Until that lonely night

When the formula went wrong

And Hyde grew strong
But I learned to carry on

I found a clue, knew what to do
I put two and two together and it all led up to you

I don’t know why you would accuse me

When it was clear all along
If you’d known for just one second
Mr. Hyde was doing wrong

Oh no no no, what have I done?
I have gone and lost my perfect love, my true and only one

I don’t know what you saw in him
When he was playing two sides
I thought that I loved him, but how could I decide?

Mr Hyde, I’m Mr Hyde!
I’m the man you’ve been looking for
No one can give you more
How could this be true? Is this the man I knew?

Mr Hyde! Oh, Mr Hyde.


Oh Mr Hyde, oh Mr Hyde!

I’m the man you’ve been looking for,

No-one can give you more

How could this be true? Is this the man I knew?

Mr Hyde!  Oh, Mr Hyde.

Mr Hyde! Oh, Mr Hyde.
What I want is a real man, the doctor by my side
Don’t know how I failed, I should have thrown them into jail.

Mr. Hyde, oh Mr Hyde

Poor Mr Hyde, Mr. Hyde.