Amy is the youngest member of the family.


Her hair is pink and her favourite colour is purple.


Her hobbies are dancing and watching television.


Amy loves animals (especially her teddy bear, Fluffy)


She dreams of being a vet when she grows up.


She wants to go on holiday to the jungle… to meet the exciting jungle animals!


Her favourite jungle animal is a Monkey.







Tula is the middle sister.


She loves her big brother Zak and her little sister Amy, but sometimes she thinks they are boring!


Tula’s hair is green and her favourite colour is yellow.


Her hobbies are gymnastics and horse riding.


She wants to go on holiday to the beach, to go swimming in the sea and play beach ball.








Zak is the oldest of the three, and his bossy younger sisters are always telling him what to do.


Zak’s hair is blue and he likes to wear his red trousers every day.


Zak’s hobbies are sleeping and playing on his Nintendo.


He doesn’t like taking baths or showers.


Zak loves music and wants to learn to play the drums.


Zak’s ideal holiday destination is the moon.


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